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The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) is a non-profit membership organization that seeks to build capacity and knowledge of Environmental LCA among industry, government and NGOs.  The organization was formerly a program of The Institute for Environmental Research & Education (IERE), which performs and disseminates fact-based research for the use in the development of responsible environmental policy, programs and decisions.
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Consequential LCA Webinar: Friday, October 23rd  at 1pm (ET) 

Presenter: Jannick Schmidt


In the LCA community, the topic of attributional versus consequential LCA is commonly debated. Many myth and facts are prevalent, and often the proponents of the one approach are not fully aware of what are exactly the characteristics of the other approach. This webinar attempts to reveal the differences and similarities of consequential and attributional LCA, and which types of questions can be answered with the one and other approach. The focus is to introducing consequential modelling in life cycle inventory, and to explaining the advantages of this approach.

Upon session completion, you will be able to:

* Explain to non-LCA experts what are the differences between attributional and consequential LCA,

* Identify product systems for which the results of an attributional and consequential LCA can be expected to be (very) different,

* Understand and explain why allocation between co-products always alters basic mass, energy, substance and economic balances,

* Understand how, and to some extent be able, to apply consequential modeling in your LCA studies:

o Avoid allocation by using substitution


ACLCA MEMBERS receive three free webinars with their membership. Non-members and members wishing to partake in more than three webinars are required to pay $75.00 for each webinar. Each webinar is approved for 1 Continuing Education Unit. 

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